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It’s Good to Give Thanks!

It is good to give thanks! We are grateful for so many things this year but here are just a few! Our freedom to worship, our families, our friends, our great country, this company we have all joined in together devoting our efforts to provide service to our customers, our customers themselves…the list can just go on and on, which in itself is just another thing to be thankful for.

A recent article about thankfulness states “finding gratitude and appreciating the


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What an honor for us – to have Veterans to acknowledge.  To be free and know that we are looked after – what greater gift could we ask.  THANK YOU!


Your Vote Counts!

Exercise your right to vote this Tuesday, November 6th, 2018!


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day on Monday – we hope you enjoy your rest – you all work so hard and deserve it!



Team Worldwide Recognized in Quest for Quality

Team was recently honored once more in the Logistics Management Quest for Quality Awards. We value this achievement so much as it comes from our customers, recognizing the commitment and hard work that is throughout our system. We are so proud of the men and women of Team Worldwide and are sincerely appreciative of our customers!!