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Team Worldwide Names Randy Sinker President of the Company

Team Worldwide, a global 3PL company, has appointed Randy Sinker to the position of President. With the focus on technology, service, and operations, it was a strategic move to play, bringing Randy’s extensive experience in the industry. After celebrating Team Worldwide’s 40-year anniversary in 2019, there is a tremendous opportunity for the company in the next decade. To ensure Team is a top choice in the industry in terms of global solutions, innovation, and growth, Mr. Sinker will focus on providing solution-oriented strategies that will resonate with our client base. As President, he will use his background and connections to drive sales, and enhancements with our product portfolio, information systems and external communications.

Jason Brunson will remain in the role of Chief Executive Officer of Team Worldwide, as well as hold his position of Chairman of the Board. Read the official press release here: Team Worldwide Names Randy Sinker President of the Company