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Team International Trade Services Offers Free Webinar

Team International Trade Services recently hosted a webinar, “Incoterms in Practice”, presented by Mr. Bob Imbriani. Regularly scheduled webinars are held monthly exclusively for the Team system on aspects of international logistics and trade. This particular webinar, at customer request, was opened to customers of Team Worldwide. The webinar was widely accessed from customers and our Team members across the nation.

Mr. Imbriani, President of Team International Trade Services, a division of Team Worldwide is a well-known speaker and educator in the areas of transportation, logistic solutions, customs brokerage, trade development and financial services. He is an adjunct professor in those areas with Pace University’s School of World Trade and Baruch College. He is further certified as a trainer in the areas of Front Line Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and International Trade Negotiations.  Team Worldwide International Trade Services Group, which provides a full range of customer seminars and continuing education for clients and in-house, operates under the direction of Mr. Imbriani. Among the various seminars he has taught include but not limited to “Export Compliance”, “Incoterms 2010 in Practice”, “Letters of Credit”, “NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements”, and “International Trade Finance”.

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