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Services / Industry Specific

Health and Medical

At Team Worldwide, we provide expert-level, specialized experience across all aspects of the Health and Medical sector. We focus on efficiency across the supply chain, which is crucial to the safe delivery of sensitive medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, surgical supplies and medical products. Trust Team to deliver solutions. Learn more.


Team Worldwide makes e-commerce solutions accessible to all clients, large and small. This means companies from Amazon to a single company looking to expand e-commerce offerings can benefit from customized shipping solutions. Through our more than 15 years of service in this vertical, we offer efficient and reliable experience in managing your e-commerce deliveries. Learn more.

Trade Show

When choosing your trade show carrier, Team Worldwide provides solutions around operations, experience and service. Investing in industry-wide trade shows allow face-to-face interactions that provide the brand recognition, networking and sales opportunities necessary to build your business. Learn more.


As a trusted solutions provider, Team Worldwide manages time-critical deliveries for a list of aerospace services. We can quickly route parts and provide after-hour personnel for clients in danger of losing millions of dollars when required materials are not available. Regardless of the circumstances, count on our experienced Team to do what it takes to get the job done. Learn more.


Team Worldwide’s Government and Defense services department is set up to do business with all branches of the government and military. Our dedicated team is focused on meeting government requirements and ensuring compliance with all regulations. We have proudly provided a complete suite of air and ground services for the United States Government for over 30 years. As an official CRAF agent for Kalitta Air, we are licensed to transport commodities on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD) and DoD contractors. Team also has an established relationship with Syncada, the online payment platform for billing, payment and tracking of government freight. Learn more.