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Learn About / ATA Carnet – The Document & Where It’s Accepted

What is contained in an ATA carnet document?

The carnet document has a green cover page which provides the names of the carnet holder and issuing association, the carnet issue date, the carnet number, the countries in which the carnet may be used and a complete description of the goods covered. Two yellow sheets in the package are to be used upon exportation from and reimportation back into the issuing country. White sheets are used for the temporary importation into and reexportation from the second or additional countries. Blue sheets are used when transiting though countries.
Each sheet contains two parts – a counterfoil, which remains in the carnet and describes the actions taken by Customs officers each time goods enter or leave a country, and a detachable voucher, which contains a list of the goods covered by the carnet and serves as the required Customs document.

What countries use the ATA carnet?
ATA carnets can be used in the following countries:

Albania Chile Guam Lithuania (EU) Namibia (South Africa) Sri Lanka
Algeria China Guernsey (UK) Luxembourg (EU) Netherlands (EU) St Barthelemy (France)
Andorra Corsica (France) Hong Kong, China Macao, China New Caledonia (France) St Martin (French Side)
Antarctica Cote d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast Hungary (EU) Macedonia New Zealand St Pierre (France)
Aruba Croatia (EU) Iceland  Madagascar Norway Swaziland (South Africa)
Australia Curacao India  Madeira (Portugal) Pakistan Sweden (EU)
Austria (EU) Cyprus (EU) Indonesia Malaysia  Poland (EU) Switzerland
Azores (Portugal) Czech Republic (EU) Iran Malta (EU) Portugal (EU) Taiwan (TW<>USA only)
Bahrain Denmark (EU)  Ireland (EU) Martinique (France) Puerto Rico (USA) Tasmania (Australia)
Balearic Islands (Spain) Estonia (EU) Isle of Man (UK) Mauritius  Reunion Island (France) Thailand
Belarus European Union Israel Mayotte (France)  Romania (EU) Tunisia
Belgium Finland (EU) Italy (EU) Melilla (Spain) Russia Turkey
Bosnia & Herzogivina France (EU) Japan Mexico Senegal Ukraine
Botswana French Guiana (France) Jersey (UK) Miquelon (France) Serbia United Arab Emirates
Brazil French Polynesia – Tahiti Korea Moldova Singapore United Kingdom (EU)
Bulgaria Germany (EU)  Latvia (EU) Monaco (France) Slovakia (EU) United States of America
Canada Gibraltar Lebanon Mongolia  Slovenia (EU) Wallis Futuna Islands
Canary Islands (Spain) Greece (EU) Lesotho (South Africa) Montenegro South Africa       (France)
Ceuta (Spain) Guadeloupe (France) Liechtenstein Morocco Spain (EU)  

The listed countries are Contracting Parties to the ATA convention that established the ATA carnet system. Countries are added to the ATA system periodically.