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Did you know that Team Worldwide Specializes in Trade Show Transportation?

We do! We will assist you in navigating the maze of Trade Show Transportation. Whether your shipment is a simple pop-up booth or a 20’x20’ full booth setup we will walk you through the steps from shipping to the advance warehouse or direct to show site, completing your outbound material handling form and arranging time specific pickup at the close of the show.

Did you know that consolidating all of your shipments to a Trade Show saves you money?

It does! The Show decorator charges a minimum material handling fee for each shipment received for the show so consolidating your shipments into one will definitely save you money!

Did you know that shipping your material to the advance warehouse means you get your freight early?

It does! All freight that is shipped to the advance warehouse is delivered to the show-site before the show-site begins receiving directly. What does this mean for you? This means your freight will be at your booth waiting for you when you arrive to set up, instead of you paying employees to sit while they wait for your freight.

Did you know that shipping to Trade Shows with various other carriers costs you more money than shipping with Team?

It does! Show decorators charge a premium to receive freight from some carriers because they do not deliver on a Bill Of Lading. What does this mean to you? This means that various carriers use electronic boards to have your freight signed for instead of a hard copy, the show decorator has to hand write a receipt so they charge you a premium for this service.

Did you know that Team Worldwide offers GROUND service with date and or time specific delivery?

We do! Instead of shipping overnight or 2nd day to get that date or time specific delivery for your show freight, ship your goods early via ground service to get the best freight rate. Indicate the date and/or time that you want your goods delivered and there you have it – your freight arrives on the date and/or time that you requested.

Did you know that Team Worldwide has more than 40 Warehouses across the United States?

We do! We can warehouse your booth property between shows, or year round. Why pay for a storage building or an I&D house to store your booth property? Especially when most I&D houses add a premium to your transportation charges. Team can handle all of your warehousing needs throughout the country at a very competitive rate.

Did you know that not only does Team Worldwide offer warehousing, but we can manage trade show transportation for you?

We certainly can! Provide us with your trade show schedule along with the exhibitor prospectus. We will arrange delivery to the advance warehouse, as well as, schedule the time specific pickup at the end of the show. Allowing Team Worldwide to manage your trade show shipping will save you time and money! Why spend time at the show worried about your freight? Let Team sweat the details of transportation, so when you arrive at the show your freight is there and you can get on with representing your company!

Did you know your local Team Worldwide office is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

We are! Have you ever been at an event when there was a problem with your freight but your carrier was closed? It won’t happen with Team Worldwide… We understand when you need us the most may not be between 8am-5pm. Therefore, when you need us, we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Next time you are at a show and your “other” carrier doesn’t answer, just call Team and see the difference.

Did you know that Team Worldwide is the “preferred carrier” for several Show Decorators?

Yes, we are! And because we are the preferred carrier we work directly on the show floor with exhibitors on a large number of shows annually. What does this mean to you? This means when you deal with Team Worldwide you are not dealing with just a carrier that claims to know Trade Shows, you are dealing with a carrier that has run the show.

Did you know that Team Worldwide can pick up after hours and on weekends?

We do! Because we know that most trade shows do not break between 9am and 5pm. We are geared to handle the show that ends on a Friday night at 8pm or on a Sunday at 2pm. If you need your freight picked up at a specific time and on a specific day, call the Trade Show Team!