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TeamGOV was established after two decades of commercial experience to provide a dedicated service group designed for our government and defense customers. Our personnel are required to complete an internal certification in the handling of defense business. The TeamGov group includes an auditing sector ensuring service is performed with integrity and dedication.

Defense and Government Agencies serviced by TeamGOV include the DOD (all Branches), GSA, DHS, USCIS, USAG, FPI, DOJ, IRS, HHS, NARA and USDA. TeamGOV has various tenders on file and current registrations within SAM.

Positioning is vital to the success of any transportation and logistics plan. TeamGov is partnered with Syncada and PayPort Express for accepting payments from government entities and remittance of Industrial Funding Fees (IFF). We are EDI capable for invoicing and supply chain visibility via TeamTrac with robust reporting capabilities.

From a customized tender to a spot quote, we are here to meet your specifications. The importance of a GBL/CBL in ensuring the exact service levels and transportation requirements are met is recognized and respected by the men and women of TeamGOV.

Certifications, licenses, insurances, codes and authorities are in place to immediately provide for any air, land or sea transportation or logistics solutions that may be required. We are here when and where you need us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact for all inquiries.